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Pulsar Assessor Sound Level Meter

Pulsar Assessor Sound Level Meter

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Pulsar Assessor Measurement Kit
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Pulsar Assessor

Compared to many basic sound level meters, the Assessor range from Pulsar are integrated meters, which mean they can measure and calculate average (or time-averaged) noise measurements such as LEQ or LEQT/LAeq(t).

Most New Zealand standards and local council bylaws are based on integrated measurements for the average noise levels.
For general noisy environments, using an Assessor model will allow you to accurately determine these levels.

For occupational noise, all Assessor models (excl. the CA models) can also display the estimated noise exposure duration (LEX,8). This feature estimates the noise exposure in the workplace that would be achieved if the measurement was made over a longer period of time.
This makes the Assessor the ideal meter for simple noise exposure surveys in the workplace.

For data recording, the Analyser software package is available, which allows the user to download the data from the Assessor to a PC computer.
Simply download the recorded data an a Periodic LEQ report can be generated using the software supplied.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, the meter is simple to operate and featuring a robust die cast construction. The Assessor has a large easy to read LCD screen which displays all the relevant sound level information at one time. Six models of the Assessor are available. (Three models for Class 1, three models for Class 2).

NOTE: The Assessor range of meters do not LAmax. For this measurement, view the Nova and Quantifier range of meters.

Key features of the Assessor are;

- LEQ integrated time averaged values

- LEX_8 noise exposure calculation or the workplace

- Analyser Reporting software supplied standard with all models

- 1:1 Octave Band Filters (Models 83, 84)

- Periodic LEQ Report generated with data logging models

- Graphical LCD with Quasi-Analogue display

Unlike many other fully featured sound level meters, the Assessor stays true to Pulsar's approach of ease of use equipment.
The scroll through screens offer all the relevant information to the user whilst the intuitive Analyser software program makes downloading and reporting a breeze.
For Industrial Noise measurements, models featuring the 1:1 Octave Band Filters can be used for the selection of accurate hearing protection.
The user can choose the preferred PPE from a database of hearing defender products included in the software package.

If the calibration testing of the Assessor meter is maintained as per calibration dates, the warranty of the Assessor extends to 3 years.

Accurate Instruments NZ is the authorised Pulsar Instruments distributor for New Zealand. Staff have officially been trained at Pulsar Instruments inc. located in North Yorkshore, United Kingdom.

The Pulsar Assessor Measurement Kit (as shown in the image left) with a current calibration certificate is available for HIRE.

Assessor Model Range

Model 81A & 82A
Pulsar Assessor 81A & 82A Sound Level Meters

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Need to measure LEQ integrated or time averaged measurements?
Require an LEX_8 calculation for the workplace?

The 81A & 82A are the Class 1 and Class 2 models for these types of measurements.

The Assessor Models 81A & 82A are a simple to operate integrated sound level meter with just four buttons, designed to measure current and average sound levels.
Both models will display the current sound pressure level (LA dBA),
average sound level (Leq dBA), peak value (LCpeak), time exposure
and noise exposure (LEX).

Data recording is an OPTIONAL upgrade on the Model 82A and 81A.

The Model 81A & 82A can be purchased as meters only or as a full measurement kit incl. calibrators, wind shields, carry cases and tripods.

Model 81CA & 82CA
Pulsar Assessor 81CA & 82CA Sound Level Meters

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The Assessor Models 81CA & 82CA have been designed for the HML method of hearing protection calculation.

The HML is an affordable method of establishing and calculating hearing protection.
The 81CA and 82CA models feature an automatic C-A button, which will automatically switch the instrument from the regular sound level "broadband" mode to the C-A mode. By knowing the 'C' and 'A' Leq values and the difference between them, you can use a simple formula to prescribe suitable hearing protection in your workplace.

Data recording is an OPTIONAL upgrade on the Model 81CA and 82CA.

The Model 81CA & 82CA can be purchased as meters only or as a full measurement kit incl. calibrators, wind shields, carry cases and tripods.

Model 83 & 84
Pulsar Assessor 83 & 84 Sound Level Meters

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The Model 83 & 84 are the premium meters in the Assessor range.

These units offer the greatest flexibility of measurement of the Assessor range.
They offer all the basic measurement features and modes found in the 81A & 82A with the addtion of the 1:1 Octave Band Filters.
The 1:1 Octave Band measurements range from 31Hz to 8kHz.

The 1:1 Octave provides the user with the frequency of the source of the noise. A special blue LED indicates when the user is operating in the Octave band mode.
Unlike other Assessor models, the 83 and 84 come standard with Data recording.

The Model 83 & 84 can be purchased as meters only or as a full measurement kit incl. calibrators, wind shields, carry cases and tripods.

Assessor specifications

- Measurement Range: 57 - 130dBA (143dBC peak)
- Frequency Types (Weighting): A, C, & Z (Z for Model 83 & 84 only)
- Time Weighting: na
- Noise Floor Limit: 52dB(A)
- Frequency Octave Bands: 1:1 Octave Band: 31Hz to 8kHz (Model 83 & 84 only)
- Measurement Modes: See product brochure for the full list of measured values
- Microphone Type: Class 1 or Class 2 electret pre-polarized condensor
- Data Logging: Optional (standard on Model 83 & 84)
- Resolution: 0.1dB
- Tripod Mount: Yes
- Display: Graphical LCD with Quasi-Analogue Display
- Connectivity: USB type B
- Dimensions: 340mm x 75mm x 25mm including preamp and microphone
- Weight: 450 grams (without batteries)
- Battery Type: 2x AA
- Battery Life: Typically 18 hours (alkaline)
- Certificate Issue: Yes - IS09001 accredited Pulsar Instruments plc certification in accordance with IEC standards
- Warranty: 2 years
- International Standards: IEC 61672:2002-1 Class 1 or Class 2, IEC 60651:2001 Type 1 or Type 2, IEC 60804:2000 Type 1 or Type 2, Octave Band Filters to IEC 61260

Standard package includes:

Model 80 SPL meter, wrist strap, Analyser Data Logging software CD, USB cable, 2x AA alkaline batteries, operating manual, calibration sticker, calibration certificate.

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